Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home has helped Asheville, NC area residents enhance their homes by providing high-quality hearth products, outdoor home accessories, and chimney services for years. We are excited toMr. Cool DIY 3rd Gen E Star Mini Split AC Unit unveil a new product and service to our repertoire; we now sell Mr. Cool ductless mini-split HVAC systems. Read below to learn more about mini-splits, then order yours today!

What is a Ductless Mini Split System?

Ductless mini-split systems have become increasingly popular among home and business owners throughout the country. They feature an outdoor condenser or compressor connected to one or more indoor air handling units and are usually linked by a conduit which includes power cables, refrigerant tubing, and a drain. Ductless mini-splits are available in single and multi-zone systems. A single-zone system features one indoor unit connected to one outdoor unit while a multi-zone system features multiple indoor units connected to the same outdoor unit.

The ductless mini-splits’ rise in popularity is not accidental, as they offer many different benefits over other HVAC systems. Some of these benefits are directly related to their lack of ductwork. This simplifies their installation process and increases their versatility, as they can be installed virtually anywhere throughout the house. It also leads to heightened efficiency. The energy produced by central systems is wasted as it travels along the ductwork to be distributed throughout the indoor area, but this waste is eliminated with ductless mini-splits. This efficiency also leads to significantly lower energy costs, which is one of their main advantages, and a reduced environmental impact. Mini-splits also offer room specific temperature control. A single-zone system allows you to control the temperature and climate in the “zone” where it is physically located, which is usually a room or entire floor. Multi-zone systems allow you to adjust the temperature in each “zone” independently of one another, meaning you can change the settings on one air conditioner without impacting the others on the same system! This helps eliminate temperature imbalances and inconsistencies throughout the house. Ductless mini-split systems are also much quieter than other systems. With all of these advantages and more, ductless mini splits provide a superior heating and cooling experience over other HVAC alternatives such as window air conditioners and central air systems.

Mr. Cool Mini Split Systems

Here at Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home, we proudly sell Mr. Cool mini-split systems! Mr. Cool provides highly efficient and innovative mini-splits that can heat and cool your home all year round! They are also the only DIY mini split available on the market, so you can install your new system yourself!

Mr. Cool mini-splits utilize smart technology to provide an enhanced heating and cooling experience. For example, they can also be controlled via smartphone applications for iOS or Android and smart home devices such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa. This gives you the ability to adjust your system’s settings when you are away from home! This also gives you a heightened sense of control and data that can help you increase your system’s efficiency. You can program your system to decrease power when nobody is home, as heating or cooling an empty building is wasteful. This leads to lower energy bills by reducing your system’s wasted energy. You can also program your system into a “sleep cycle” that lowers the temperature and operation noise to create the perfect bedroom environment. Additionally, their Follow Me function also tracks the remote’s exact location in the room and adjusts the temperature accordingly.

We sell both single and multi-zone mini-split systems. Our single-zone systems for sale include the DIY 3rd Gen E Star, Advantage, and Olympus E Star while we also sell Olympus and DIY multi-zone systems. Additionally, we sell the Olympus Hyper Heat unit that is perfect for anybody who struggles to keep their home warm and comfortable during the colder winter months. Each system shares certain features and advantages such as corrosion resistant condensers, auto restart capabilities, and leakage detection. However, each system has different specifications and functions better based on factors such as room size and external temperature.

If you are unsure which unit is best to meet your specific heating and cooling needs, contact a technician at Wright’s! We’re more than happy to assess your situation and find the perfect Mr. Cool mini-split for you! You can also visit our Arden, NC showroom in person or virtually to get an up-close and personal look at a mini-split system. Give us a call at (828) 687-9002 or contact us online.