Keep Your Attic Leak-Free With Expert Flashing Repair & Replacement From Wright’s

Chances are, your attic is filled with boxes of things that you don’t need all the time, but you definitely don’t want to give away.

Maybe that’s where you keep your old photo albums or your seasonal clothes. Maybe it’s where you have every last picture your kids have drawn for you over the years and every last card your spouse has given you.

Either way, we’re willing to bet you’ve got some precious cargo up there. And even if you don’t, there’s one thing you don’t want in your attic: water.

Water can destroy insulation, cause wood rot, and ruin anything you have in storage in your attic. And the scary thing is, it’s not too difficult for water to get in, and you don’t have to have a leaky roof to live through this nightmare.

In fact, flashing damage — damage to the metal that seals your chimney base and the surrounding area of the roof — is a leading cause of leaks in attics.

And leaks in attics means big bucks for contractors and mold remediation experts.

In fact, some reports show that the average cost for mold remediation in attics ranges from $2,000 to almost $10,000. Wouldn’t you rather spend that money on something you can enjoy, like a decked out outdoor kitchen?

We thought so.

So don’t wait for a leak to spring up to look to your flashing. Schedule an inspection or take a look yourself, if you can do so safely.

  • Is your flashing lifted or pulling away from your chimney or roof line?
  • Have you had work done to the roof recently?
  • Does the base of the chimney look patchy and worn?
  • Are you not even 100% sure you have flashing in place?

If you noticed any damage or you aren’t quite sure how your flashing is doing, the best thing you can do is schedule an inspection with Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home.

We’ll send out a certified chimney professional to carefully and thoroughly evaluate your flashing. If it’s damaged, missing, or causing a chimney leak, we’ll make recommendations for repairs that are sure to put a stop to your problems.

How Do We Fix Leaky Flashing? 


Not to be confused with the product you see in infomercials that can supposedly replace the bottom of a boat (sure…..), FlashSeal is a flashing repair and waterproofing product that really works.

It’s applied to the shingles of the roof near the base of the chimney, as well as to the metal flashing and the brick at the base of the chimney, to completely seal this area and prevent water entry.

We love this product because it does the following:

  1. It really works to stop and prevent leaks, no gimmicks.
  2. It remains flexible to shift with your flashing as needed.
  3. Application is fast and clean-up is simple.
  4. It’s available in brown, black, and white to accommodate all homes.
  5. It keeps water out of the flashing for 7 years — guaranteed.


Sometimes flashing needs more than a little repair here and there, and FlashSeal is not always the best option.

Your flashing may have been improperly installed at the start or may be riddled with rust spots, holes, and dents. Maybe it’s unattractive and made of low-quality metal that will only continue to rust and corrode.

That’s when we may recommend that you have your old flashing removed and replaced with strong, durable flashing expertly installed by our team.

The techniques and products we use when installing flashing around chimneys guarantee long-lasting, leak-free results.

When we’re done, you’ll have a leak-free chimney, a dry attic, and more money for fun, enjoyable things. Isn’t that what we all want?

Call Today — Scheduling Is Easy & Repairs Are Done Right With Wright’s

To learn more about the flashing repair, replacement, and waterproofing services we offer, or to schedule an appointment to have your flashing inspected and cared for by a certified and licensed expert, call Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home at 828-687-9002 or fill out our online appointment request form.

We’ll let you know exactly what we find and what we recommend, so you can protect those priceless family portraits and Crayola® masterpieces until you’re ready to bring ‘em down out of the attic.


Fixing a leaky chimney may involve a crown repair or rebuild, so call us to schedule an inspection today.