Take The Chill Off With An Affordable & Attractive Patio Heater

Let’s face it: we’re all too plugged in these days. Freedom comes from leaving the phone inside, sitting out on the patio, and listening to the twitter of little birds, not the angry banter of Twitter.

But as the crickets start their chorus, nightfall can bring chillier temperatures and have you heading back inside, when you’d really rather stay out under the moon.

Maybe you’ve considered adding an outdoor fireplace or firepit, but you just don’t have the room. Or, you like being protected against the mosquitos on your screened in patio — you just wish there was a way to take the chill off.

Well, the good news is: there is.

Here at Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home, we sell some of the finest and most affordable patio heaters on the market.

These heaters come in an array of sizes and styles, and can be conveniently added to your patio for a little added warmth and comfort.

Have a restaurant, bar, or other commercial setting?

Keep your customers comfortable well after the sun goes down by adding a few patio heaters to your space. They provide an attractive, affordable way to keep the conversation going well into the night.

Stop By Our Showroom To Find The Best Patio Heaters For Your Space

To shop our patio heaters, stop by our showroom here in Arden. We’ve been providing exceptional service and exceptional hearth and heating products to Asheville and the surrounding areas for decades, and we’re here for you six days a week.

Call 828-687-9002 for questions, directions, or anything else we can help with. We’re looking forward to it!


An outdoor fireplace or firepit is a must to consider for your new outdoor room. Ask us all about them today.