Custom Caps & Dampers Designed Just For Your Chimney

What are chimney caps?

Chimney caps are raised covers for the top of a chimney (for any fuel type) that prevent the elements and debris (twigs, birds, critters, rain) from getting into your chimney. These are affixed to the top of the chimney flue and can be used to cover a single flue or multiple flues at once.

Chimney caps also commonly have a “spark arrestor,” which is a mesh barrier on the sides of the cap that keeps sparks and hot embers from landing on your roof.

What are dampers?

Dampers are the mechanisms that open the flue (to allow smoke and gases from the fire to exit the home) and close the flue (to prevent downdrafts and conditioned air loss).

Here at Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home, we carry many single-flue, multi-flue, and custom chimney caps and chimney cap/damper combos in a variety of sizes and finishes. No matter what you may be needing, you can be confident we’ve got it.

Gelco Chimney Caps

Shopping for a chimney cap?

We’re proud to sell Gelco™ chimney caps, which are caps that are strong, long-lasting, and easy to clean. The secret to their strength and durability is in their braced lids, and double channel base. They also feature spark arrestors for added protection.

The most popular chimney cap finish is stainless steel, followed by painted black steel, then copper, aluminum, and galvanized.

Gelco stainless steel and copper caps come with a “no-nonsense” lifetime warranty, which means no matter what, your cap is guaranteed to last. These caps are rust proof and easily the best value because you’ll never have to pay for a replacement. Plus, for a highly decorative look, copper is tough to beat.

Gelco galvanized caps come with a lifetime warranty on workmanship and materials, which is more than most other companies guarantee. These are the least expensive option and can be easily painted to match your home’s decor, but keep in mind these caps are not rust-proof.

Choose from single flue caps, multi-flue caps, and specialty caps, which can be custom made for your chimney.

Lyemance Fireplace Dampers

Is your damper far from leak-proof? Consider getting a chimney cap/damper hybrid.

Lyemance fireplace dampers are one of the best top-sealing, energy-saving dampers made, and they’ve been saving money for homeowners and saving chimneys since the 70s.

Like chimney caps and unlike traditional throat dampers, these fireplace dampers are installed at the top of the chimney flue. When closed, the silicone rubber gasket of the damper completely seals off the chimney, keeping conditioned air from leaving the home through the chimney and keeping rain and other outside elements out of the home.

Why might you want to invest in a Lyemance? A Lyemance does all of the following:

  1. provides a permanent solution to a leaky, rusted throat damper.
  2. keeps rainwater, sleet, and snow out of your chimney and prevents water damage and the need for costly repairs.
  3. boosts energy-efficiency and lowers your heating/cooling bills.
  4. keeps animals, birds, and debris out of your chimney system.
  5. prevents odors and downdrafts.

These also have cast aluminum frames that are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Worried about breaking a sweat trying to open your Lyemance damper? Don’t be.

These dampers are easy to open thanks to the power level assist, and all you have to do is reach just inside your firebox for the handle. Did you think we’d have you climbing up on the roof every time? Of course not!

Want even more good news? They’re low profile and they come with a lifetime warranty.

Lock-Top Fireplace Dampers

Lock-Top dampers are similar to Lyemance fireplace dampers in that they have a rubber gasket seal and are mounted to the top of the chimney flue. They also have the same benefits, so a Lock-Top fireplace damper can do the following:

  1. be a permanent solution to a leaky, rusted throat damper.
  2. keep rainwater, sleet, and snow out of your chimney and prevent water damage and the need for costly repairs.
  3. boost energy-efficiency and lower your heating/cooling bills.
  4. keep animals, birds, and debris out of your chimney system.
  5. prevent odors and downdrafts.

To open your Lock-Top damper, you simply use the handle in the firebox, just as you would if you had a Lyemance damper. And like the Lyemance, Lock-Top dampers are made of cast-aluminum and stainless steel and carry a lifetime warranty.

Where do they differ?

Lock-Top dampers have a pop-up lid, which means when they’re open, they’re a bit more visible than a Lyemance damper.

Can You Have A Top-Sealing Damper If You Have A Gas Fireplace Or Gas Log Set With A Standing Pilot Light?

One thing to keep in mind as you shop for your next chimney cap or cap/damper hybrid is that if you have a gas unit with a standing pilot light, you cannot have a Lock-Top or Lyemance damper cap installed.


Because your pilot light will always be on and some amount of carbon monoxide will always be produced by that pilot light. If you have a Lyemance or Lock-Top damper, you’ll want to keep it closed when your fireplace is not in use to get the full benefits of the damper, but if you have it closed when your pilot light is lit, you could be trapping that carbon monoxide inside your home.

As deadly as carbon monoxide is, that’s not something you want to mess with. So for you, a Gelco chimney cap would be the safe choice.

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