Personalizing Your Hearth Is Easier Than Ever With The Quality Accessories You’ll Find Here At Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home

It may sound cheesy, but there’s only one letter separating hearth from heart, and it makes sense…

Your fireplace hearth is the heart of your home, and can be the place where you and your family and friends gather to enjoy each other’s company. So why not make sure it’s absolutely perfect?

Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home can help as your local source for the very best and most attractive hearth accessories.

We sell a variety of products here in our showroom in Arden (just 15 minutes south of Asheville), and we can help you customize and personalize your hearth.

What will you find at Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home?

American Panel Hearth Pads

American Panel Hearth Pads — These stone and tile hearth pads are made to provide beautiful and effective floor protection for your freestanding gas, wood, or pellet stove. What kind of protection? Protection against embers and heat damage. Plus, these are modular and can be made in any size, so no matter how big or small your stove is, American Panel has a solution that will work great and look great in your space.

Thymes Candles fill your home with welcoming scents.

Thymes Candles — Fill your home with the welcoming scents of mandarin or make the holidays extra magical with a hint of fir. What will your signature scent be? What makes Thymes Candles so great is that they enhance your hearth visually and create an atmosphere that’s sure to relax. Plus, they’re made of quality ingredients. From advent candles and celebration candles to pillar candles, 3-wick candles, and candle tins, we’ve got it.

Fireplace Mantle Surround & Shelf

Mantels, Surrounds & Mantel Shelves — One way to really personalize your hearth is with a new mantel, surround, or mantel shelf. We’re proud to sell wood mantels and surrounds, stone sets, cast surrounds, wood mantel shelves, reclaimed wood shelves, and MDF (medium density fiberboard, a composite wood) mantels and shelves from and Pearl Mantels. Let us know what look you’re going for and we’ll point you in the right direction. We can also make recommendations based on the weight restrictions, sizing, and any other consideration, so you end up with just the right thing.

Condar stove accessories such as Stove Scents, thermometers, carry-alls firewood aprons, etc.

Condar Stove Accessories — For your every stove and fireplace need, there’s Condar. They make great practical products like thermometers, carry-alls, firewood aprons, basket sets, humidifiers, StoveScents™, mesh screens, between-room ventilators, and air supply ventilators. Stop in and take a look!

Dagan Hearth Access frosted fire screen.

Dagan, LLC. Hearth Accessories — We sell so many quality products from Dagan, LLC., so  whatever it is you need, just ask. Some of the quality Dagan products you’ll find here include decorative firebacks, iron pokers, ash brushes & shovels, and other hearth tools, bellows, hearth rugs, coal hods, ash buckets, cast iron kettle humidifiers, gloves, trivets, log buckets and log carriers, log hoops, racks, holders, and covers, screens and decorative screens, outdoor patio furniture covers, and firepit covers. If you can imagine it, Dagan probably makes it.

Bison butane airlighter hand held.

Bison Butane Airlighters — While this is more for lighting your charcoal grill, the Airlighter is worth mentioning here. It makes firing up the grill easy, no matter what the wind and weather are like outside. No more wasted time trying to get the fire going. The Airlighter is reliable and effective, guaranteed.

Hamer brand pellet fuel bags and man grilling on an outdoor grill.

Hamer Pellet Fuel — Looking for a great pellet supplier for your pellet stove? Hamer Pellet Fuel makes high-quality pellets that meet or exceed premium grade standards. Plus, they’re verified sustainable through the Appalachian Hardwood Verified Sustainable program, so you can feel good about your purchase.

Need something for your hearth? Ready to personalize your fireplace? Form and function meet in our quality hearth accessories. Stop on in or give us a call at 828-687-9002 to shop or learn more.


Did you know you can get a custom chase cover from our hearth products experts?