Give Your Chimney A Facelift With Expert Masonry Repair & Tuckpointing Services From Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home

As we age, the proof starts to show up here and there, seemingly overnight. Brushing your teeth becomes less about the teeth and more about staring into the mirror and counting the wrinkles and crow’s feet.

Were the bags under my eyes always this big?

Has that dark spot always been there?

When did my neck start to look like my mother’s?

Well, there are about 8 million+ creams, serums, and procedures to help with our aging. Good luck figuring out what you need and keeping it under $10k, right?

But the good news is that dealing with an aging chimney is much easier and much more cost-effective.

What’s the solution to aging, cracking, crumbling, and deteriorating masonry chimneys? Masonry repair and tuckpointing.

Here’s what you need to know…

What Does Masonry Damage Look Like?

When water and age finally get to the brick and the mortar joints between the brick on your masonry chimney, you’ll start to notice some pretty unattractive things — things that can worsen much faster and end up being much scarier than the crow’s feet next to your eyes.

Some things you might see as your chimney ages and deteriorates include the following:

  • Flaking, popping, or cracking brick
  • Crumbling, receding, or missing mortar joints (the joints between bricks)

This type of damage only worsens with time and exposure to water and the freeze/thaw process that happens when water is absorbed into the masonry.

And if this damage isn’t addressed early enough, things could progress to the point where you have no other option but to rebuild your chimney, partially or fully.

Fortunately, with our masonry repair and tuckpointing services, we’re able to restore and strengthen most aging chimneys before it gets to this point.

How Is A Damaged Brick & Mortar Chimney Repaired?

What do we do?

Well, in some instances, we may need to grind out the damaged mortar joints on the brickwork and pack new mortar in place to repair and support the chimney structure. This is typically known as repointing.

In other instances, like when the mortar joints and the bricks themselves are slightly damaged and growing more unattractive every day, we may need to use two different colors of mortar. This is called tuckpointing.

One mortar is designed to match the mortar joints between the brickwork and the other mortar is designed to match the brick.

What we do is simple patch the brick and mortar joints using these two different shades of mortar, to restore the appearance and strength of the chimney once more.

It’s not like makeup because we’re not just covering up the damage — we’re repairing and giving the chimney added support. In other words, it’s like a mini facelift that can quickly take years off of your chimney.

And when you add it all up, it costs a lot less than all those serums and creams that have taken over your medicine cabinet.

For Restoration Work With A Visible Difference, Skip The Serums & Call Wright’s

So what about your chimney? Is it time to undo the aging process? Give Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home a call at 828-687-9002 and schedule an appointment to have your chimney inspected and evaluated.

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Let us inspect your chimney to discover whether the chimney needs relining. Our crews frequently perform this chimney and masonry repair to help keep you safer in your home.