Thorough Chimney Sweepings Mean A Safer, More Enjoyable Fireside For You & Your Family

Buying a home is an emotional experience, and what is a must-have for one person isn’t always a must-have for another home buyer. But one thing’s for sure: home buyers LOVE fireplaces.

A fireplace is a major attraction that adds serious value to a home. But that’s only if it’s kept in good working order. No one wants a fireplace that’s unusable or unsafe.

In fact, having a dirty, neglected fireplace and chimney can be worse than not having one at all.

Neglect and failure to clean is a leading cause of chimney fires, so when you neglect your fireplace, not only are you decreasing your home’s resale value — you’re also compromising the safety and well-being of your family.

Something to think about, even if you’re not considering putting your home on the market anytime soon.

So how can you keep your chimney system in great condition and working as safely and as efficiently as it should?

Easy, peasy: schedule routine inspections and sweepings.

Chimney sweepings are especially important for chimneys venting wood-burning appliances, because wood produces more creosote and soot than other fuels.

So if you have a wood-burning fireplace and you use it rather frequently during the Fall and Winter months, you’ll likely need to schedule a cleaning every single year.

Of course, you don’t have to just guess…

When Do You Need To Have Your Chimney Cleaned?

The NFPA states that all chimneys should be inspected annually, and during an inspection, we’ll check for creosote buildup, soot buildup, and chimney blockages, and let you know if a sweeping is needed.

The good news is: if you need a chimney sweeping performed, you can count on Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home to do the job extremely efficiently and without mess.

We’ll first protect the interior of the home to prevent soot from making its way onto any of your belongings, and then use specialized brushes, vacuums, and tools to keep the mess we remove from the chimney system completely contained.

We’ll also remove dangerous animal and bird nests that may be blocking the chimney and preventing smoke and carbon monoxide from safely exiting the chimney, as well as flammable glazed creosote.

The bottom line: when we’re done, your chimney will be clean, protected against the corrosion that creosote can cause, free of flue blockages and hazards, and ready to go whenever you are.

A Quick Note On Chimney Fires

Chimney fires occur when creosote (a highly flammable byproduct of incomplete combustion) ignites in chimneys that have not been cleaned properly, or when chimneys have been improperly installed or have existing damage or deterioration that has not been addressed.

Chimney fires act differently based on the state of the chimney itself, but most chimney fires start with a loud, roaring noise accompanied by sparks, flames, or thick, black smoke pouring from the top of the chimney.

If you think you may have had a chimney fire or you’re unsure, do not use the chimney until Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home has performed a complete inspection and provided a written, formal report for your records.

Chimney fires can cause damage to the interior lining of the chimney (the flue), as well as to adjacent objects, like framing in walls and attics. This damage can compromise the safety and performance of the entire system and allow toxic carbon monoxide to enter the home.

It’s not worth the risk, so schedule an inspection before using your system again.

Scheduling Is Easy & We Guarantee A Job Well Done

How long has it been since you had your chimney swept by a certified chimney professional?

This simple routine service can go a long way towards protecting your family and your investment in your home, so make sure to put it on your annual “To do” list.

And don’t forget — our VIP Program members get sweepings done before the temperatures drop and the schedule fills up, so they’re never left waiting.

Ready to schedule? Call 828-687-9002 or reach out online. We serve Asheville and the neighboring communities and we’re happy to help!


We offer complete chimney and venting services that include regular chimney video scan inspections to keep your chimney tin tip-top working order.