Stainless Steel Liners — Worth Every Penny

Let’s say you need a new stapler for your home office and you find two different options…

Okay, there are literally hundreds of different options, but let’s just pretend.

So, you find two different options. One is $5.99, made of plastic, able to staple 4 pages at a time, and the reviews say you can expect it to last about a month if you regularly use it.

The other is $29.99, made of a strong and durable metal, able to staple 160 pages at a time, and the reviews say it lasts for years.

Which is the best choice?

The plastic one is cheaper, sure, but only in the short-term. The metal one is a better value.

Think about it, if you opt for the first option and have to buy a new stapler every month, within 5 months you’ll have paid more for the plastic one than you would have for the long-lasting metal one. And, you’ll need a new stapler again next month.

This isn’t an SAT question or a reading comprehensive quiz. It’s just an analogy for how we view chimney relining options…

How Do You Know Which Liner To Choose?

When you know your chimney is going to need to be relined, how can you determine the best choice?

It’s like the stapler: Sure, you can get a cheaper liner if you don’t go the stainless steel route, but in the long-run, you’ll end up wasting money.


Because a stainless steel liner will literally last you a lifetime, while aluminum liners have a shorter service life and aren’t suitable for use with every fuel type or appliance type.

What Issues Will A Stainless Steel Liner Address?

A stainless steel liner is suitable for wood-burning, pellet, gas, and oil applications, and addresses the following issues:

  1. Condensation & Leakage — Condensation from combustion can migrate through the chimney, staining the home’s interior and the chimney’s exterior. If unaddressed, extensive condensation leakage can cause more serious damage. A stainless steel liner will keep that condensation contained and prevent gases and condensation from leaking into other areas of the chimney and home. A win that you’re not guaranteed with a liner made of aluminum or another weaker metal.
  2. Chimney Structure Disintegration — Acidic moisture present in creosote can eat away at the brick and mortar of the chimney, causing structural issues. A stainless steel chimney liner will prevent this type of damage by keeping that acidic moisture contained. Again, something that other liners can’t promise.
  3. Unlined Chimney, Cracked Or Missing Flue Tiles & Mortar Joints — Any crack or gap in a chimney flue is a portal for dangerous carbon monoxide gas to leak into the home. The risk of a chimney fire spreading into the surrounding areas of the home greatly increases when cracks and gaps are present, as well as when tiles are missing in the liner. But with a stainless steel liner, you’ll have a smoke-tight, seamless vent that will prevent heat transfer and usher carbon monoxide out of the home, so it stays out of your air supply.
  4. Improper Draft Or Smoking Chimney — Improperly sized flues can cause an unsteady draft or smoke issues (like smoke pouring back into the home). This is a common issue, as older chimney flues are no match for new appliances. A stainless steel liner can easily resize the flue, improve draft, and eliminate these types of problems, no matter what type of appliance you have.

In other words, a stainless steel liner can be a great option for a variety of situations. And like the metal stapler in the example above, a stainless steel liner provides the best value.

In fact, the stainless steel liners we sell and install here at Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home are U.L. tested and listed, extremely safe and durable, and have a transferable lifetime warranty when properly maintained.

And that means you won’t be dealing with this issue again anytime soon.

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