A Wood-burning Appliance That’s Efficient & Environmentally-Friendly? Woodn’t It Be Nice?

Okay, puns aside, if you love a real wood fire and just wish your old, drafty fireplace were more efficient, less wasteful, and less environmentally harsh, we’ve got good news: things have changed.

Thanks to industry advancements in wood-burning technology, led by some of the top brands we carry here at Hearth, Heat & Home, you can have your cake and eat it too.

Today’s wood-burning appliances are easy to start, highly efficient, great at evenly distributing heat throughout your space, and capable of keeping the home fires burning for hours and hours, without much effort on your part.

Of course, you’ll still enjoy the full experience of stacking and storing wood, and you won’t have to throw out the fire-building lessons passed on in your family from generation to generation.  You can still be the expert — these wood-burning appliances just make things a little bit easier on you.

Wood Burning Insert in older brick wall.  Basket of wood sitting to the left.

Vermont Castings Wood-burning Stoves & Inserts

Here at Wright’s, we’re proud to carry Vermont Castings wood-burning inserts and wood stoves.

Each stove has FlexBurn technology, Thermostatically Controlled Combustion, and Top Load Technology, which just means that these stoves provide these benefits:

  • make it easier than ever to load wood, without filling your home with smoke and hot embers
  • make it easier than ever to clean out ashes
  • make it easier than ever to maintain a consistent temperature, hour after hour

Worried about looks? These are some of the most attractive stoves out there, and they’re designed to be pieces of furniture, not just heating appliances. The detail and craftsmanship is unparalleled. Some even feature cooking surfaces.

Another bonus is that each and every Vermont Castings stove is EPA-certified, so you can breathe easy when you fire yours up.

Looking to get rid of your wasteful fireplace with an insert retrofit?

Vermont Castings inserts have these features:

  • automatic startup air control to make lighting the fire and getting it going easy
  • a heat-activated fan
  • increased efficiency
  • a large view of the fire

Plus, these are carefully crafted and designed to increase the allure of any living space they’re added to.

Catalytic Or Non-Catalytic?

Depending on the brand, you may be able to choose from catalytic and non-catalytic wood-burning appliance options. What’s the difference?

Catalytic simply means that there’s a catalytic honeycomb that the smoke and gas pass through to benefit combustion, while non-catalytic simply means that the stove or insert doesn’t rely on a catalyst, but is instead built differently to enhance combustion. Feel free to ask us for more clarification when you stop in to see us.

The Other Great Brands We Sell & Install…

But don’t worry — if you don’t see what you’re looking for in the Vermont Castings stove and inserts, we sell and install a variety of other wood-burning fireplaces, stoves, and inserts from the following top-selling brands:

Each brand we carry is known for providing products that are reliable, built to last, and trusted by homeowners and industry professionals alike.

Call Today Or Stop In & See What Wood’s Up To These Days

Ready to swap out your old outdated, planet-polluting wood-burning fireplace or stove with something that’s better for you and Mother Earth? Stop by our showroom on Hendersonville Rd. in Arden or give us a call at 828-687-9002.

We’re happy to help with the entire process and make sure you get a wood-burning appliance that meets your needs and keeps you and your home cozy and warm, year after year.


If you’d rather burn gas as your fuel of choice, ask for more information on all our gas fireplaces, inserts and stoves.