Gas Grills: Convenience That Doesn’t Require The Sacrifice Of Flavor

Large grill with various meats and veggies cooking.

Grilled chicken. Grilled salmon. Grilled steak. Grilled shrimp. Grilled veggie kabobs.

What do all these things have in common? They’ll all take a dinner salad from “appetizer” to “entree,” and have you and your family savoring every bite.

Sounds great, right?

But you’re not just about healthy meals, you’re about convenience.

After all, there’s one thing you haven’t seen in decades and it’s not your weight in high school: it’s spare time.

Truth is: as yummy as those grilled delights sound, you don’t have time to fire up the charcoal grill and wait for things to heat up. Definitely not on a weeknight!

Well, don’t give up hope yet. Not before you’ve checked out the amazing gas grills we carry here at Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home, like the premium grills from Blaze and Everdure.

Blaze Grills 

These stainless steel grills are gorgeous and they’re built to last. Enjoy a lifetime warranty that covers any defects in the manufacturing and workmanship of the main burners, cooking grids, body, flame tamers, heat zone separators, warming rack, and control valves, and a one-year warranty on the ignition, electronic, and lighting systems.

For a full list of Blaze products, click here, or make an appointment to see them in person at our showroom!

Everdure Grills

Want fast ignition; touchscreen flame control; design that’s contemporary, clean, and colorful; the ability to convection cook with your grill; and the ability to interchange flat plates, grill plates, and flame-tamers for the ideal grilling setup? It’s all yours with Everdure.

For a full list of Everdure products, click here, or make an appointment to see them in person at our showroom!

We also carry the premium series and deluxe series from Broilmaster.

  • The Premium Series From Broilmaster — Premium Series gas grills can be fueled by natural gas or LP (propane), and come standard with stainless steel components for longevity and style. With this heavy-duty cast aluminum grill that fits Broilmaster Mountings, you’ll enjoy uniform heat that’s easy to control, between 473 sq. inches and 695 sq. inches of cooking space (depending on which grill you choose), cooking grids and warming racks for an easier grilling experience, and flavor enhancers. Some options even feature a tall lid that makes smoking turkeys or roasts easy.
  • The Deluxe Series From Broilmaster — Deluxe Series gas grills can also be fueled by natural gas or propane (LP), and, while the largest is smaller than the largest in the Premium Series (473-595 sq. inches of cooking space), they’re not lacking in abilities or convenience. These feature separate controls for each of the single-level stainless steel cooking grids, electronic ignition, and of course, a warming rack. Plus, you have the option of setting this cast aluminum grill head in a cart, on an in-ground post, or on a patio post with base. So if you need extra shelving or a side burner, the option is there.

In our showroom here in Arden, you’ll also find the very best gas grills from other excellent brands, like these:

  • American Outdoor Grill (AOG) — Style and function come together in AOG grills, which are made of the very best stainless steel and designed to make grilling more enjoyable than ever. Choose from portable or built-in models.
  • Fire Magic — For a truly luxurious grilling experience, there’s nothing like a Fire Magic grill. In fact, you’ll have a hard time deciding what you love most about your Fire Magic grill: is it the looks, the convenience, or the state-of-the-art grilling technology? Oh well, even if you can’t make up your mind, adding one of these to your patio or outdoor kitchen will feel like hitting the grill lotto.

Finally, Healthy Dinners For The Family Are Fast & Easy

Isn’t it about time healthy, flavorful food was possible, even on a weeknight? Stop by our Arden shop to find your dream gas grill, Monday through Saturday.

Have questions before you get here? Text us at 828-687-9002. We’re happy to help.


Whatever grill you are looking for, we’ve got it in our selection of Hearth & Outdoor products.