As we move into spring and the weather warms up, many are packing up their fireplace tools, clearing out ash, and preparing their hearth for months of not being used. If you’ve taken all the necessary steps you need to as a homeowner, it’s time to ask the next important question – do I need professional care, as well?

Well, there are definitely things you can watch out for that may indicate it’s time for some expert insight. And if you don’t know where to start, you can always start with an inspection! Learn more below.

masonry chimney

Noticing Leaks, Cracks, or Water Damage?

If you’re noticing water in your firebox, missing bricks and mortar joints, rusted metal components, or even staining throughout the walls and ceiling surrounding the fireplace, then it’s definitely time to reach out to a chimney pro.

Water throughout your chimney can be extremely harmful to various components of it. Along with the things listed above, your masonry and chimney crown could crumble, mold could form, your flue could get clogged, and you’ll likely spot rotting woodwork and lots of overall decay [].

Needless to say, these issues need to be addressed ASAP or your chimney won’t be safe for use come fall. So, how can the crew at Wright’s Chimney help Asheville homeowners?

  • Waterproofing: If your brickwork isn’t protected, then this is a must! Our waterproofing products ensure water pools, then rolls off your masonry, rather than get absorbed into it.
  • Flashing Repairs: The flashing is the metal piece that covers the area where your roof and chimney meet. This is an especially vulnerable spot for leaks, so if your flashing is damaged or loose, getting our techs in to patch things up will make a huge difference in the long run.
  • Crown Repairs/Rebuilds: The crown is what sends water out and away from the sides of your chimney, playing a big role in keeping your brickwork safer. If it is deteriorating (or wasn’t built right in the first place), repairs or a rebuild will be in order.
  • New Chimney Cap or Chase Cover: Replacing a damaged chimney cap or chase cover (or installing one if it’s missing altogether) is vital to protecting your chimney from leaks. Ask us about your options today!

Is Your Brick & Mortar Suffering?

If your brickwork is flaking, cracking, or crumbling, it’s definitely time for some masonry repairs. And if this is the case, we’re betting your masonry joints aren’t looking too hot either. Fortunately, our repointing services are here for the rescue!

How does repointing work? Essentially, we remove the old damaged mortar so that we can replace it with new products that are guaranteed to stand the test of time. This process requires training and expertise in order to match the new to the old perfectly, both in strength and color, but it’s nothing our crew can’t handle.

Other Chimney Repairs

All in all, whatever your chimney needs this spring (whether the damage is obvious or not), we’re here and happy to help. Some other services we offer include:

  • Relining: Invest in our FireGuard flue repair & resurfacing services or talk with our techs about installing a stainless steel liner. Either way, you can move forward with peace of mind knowing your chimney will function more efficiently and your home will be better protected.
  • Smoke Chamber Repair: There’s no better time than spring to ensure your smoke chamber is in good condition. Take advantage of this time where your system isn’t in use to get this area restored.
  • Fireplace Stain Removal: When it comes to the value of a fireplace, aesthetics are important! Ensure your fireplace remains an attractive focal point for the long haul by investing in our stain removal services.

Start With an Inspection

Not sure where your chimney stands? Or maybe you see a few concerning areas, but don’t know if they’re actually something you need to be worried about… Regardless of where you stand, a spring chimney inspection is always a good call.

Why not wait until fall? Well, if you do have any signs of decay or deterioration, the sooner you address the issues, the better. If you hold off, there’s always a chance the damages will get worse, costing you more money to fix (and taking a lot more time).

Not to mention, come fall you’ll be all set and ready to go, while others are scrambling to set appointments during our busiest season – it’s a great way to stay ahead of the game!

If you’d like to schedule an inspection, reach out now. We can use our high-tech video equipment to ensure any issues are promptly spotted, after which we will suggest the next appropriate course of action.

Our Experts are Standing By

If your chimney is in need of repair, then the time to invest in quality services is now. The sooner you act, the more time and money you save in the long run, and, come fall, you won’t be facing any surprises! Call today and we can get started.