Waterproof Your Chimney With Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home

You know that the one day you wear regular work boots is the day you’ll end up with wet socks. And nothing makes the work day stretch on and on like soggy, wet feet.

You know that the one day you wear regular mascara is the day your coworker, Tina, will show you a video of a dog cuddling with a baby raccoon. The floodgates will open, and within 10 minutes you’ll look like a raccoon yourself.

From mascara to work boots, waterproof qualities can really save the day.

Which begs the question: If we prepare ourselves for waterworks and water exposure every single day, why don’t we do the same for our chimneys?

After all, rain, snow, sleet, and ice are a regular occurrence here in the greater Asheville area. And here’s the thing: they can do a lot more damage than a day with wet feet or mascara streaks can.

What kind of damage? Let’s take a look…

The Freeze/Thaw Water Damage That Can Wreck Your Chimney…

If you have a masonry chimney, the brick that it’s constructed out of is porous and will absorb water during rainstorms, snowstorms, and bouts of freezing rain.

As you know, temperatures can be erratic these days, and when it’s in the mid-fifties one day, drops down to freezing temps that night, and then returns to the forties or fifties the next day, that’s when water becomes a real problem.

What happens is that the water that was absorbed by the brick expands as it freezes with the temperature drop. This expansion can cause fractures within the brick itself, which weakens the chimney structure.

When that water thaws out the next day as temperatures rise again, it contracts, leaving space in the brickwork and causing even more fractures.

What does that mean in the grand scheme of things?

It means even more water will be absorbed by the chimney and your chimney will deteriorate prematurely. And we don’t care who you call, a chimney rebuild is not cheap…so that’s not good news.

The truth is, your brickwork isn’t made to have expanding and contracting moisture inside of it. But if the chimney isn’t professionally waterproofed, there’s nothing to prevent this from happening.

What’s possibly even worse is that once water is in the chimney, it can access other parts of the home — like the attic and roof — leading to mold, wood rot, and structural damage.

The costs associated with restoration work and mold remediation are far higher than the cost of a little prevention. Which is why we are on a mission to waterproof chimneys for our neighbors throughout the greater Asheville area.

The Best Way To Protect Your Chimney Is With ChimneySaver

Our team relies on the best product — masonry water repellent from ChimneySaver. What makes this product so different from sealers and paints is that it’s vapor-permeable. That just means that the water vapor that’s produced by your fireplace can escape, which is important, because if it’s trapped inside, it can cause damage just like any other moisture could.

Okay, so it’s vapor-permeable. But what else makes it the #1 choice for chimney professionals everywhere?

  1. It’s 99.9% effective at keeping water out.
  2. It’s sheen-free and tint-free, so it won’t alter the look of your chimney in any way.
  3. It carries a 10-year warranty.
  4. It keeps your chimney protected against efflorescence, staining, mildew, fungus, and freeze-thaw for a decade.
  5. It’s environmentally friendly.

See why we love it and why our clients love it?

Save Your Chimney, Save Your Money — Call Wright’s Today

Protect your chimney, protect your wallet, and invest in waterproofing that will make a big difference. Call Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home at 828-687-9002 or request a waterproofing service right here on our website today. We’ll keep your chimney high and dry!


Chimney cap and chase cover replacement may be what’s needed to fix your leaky chimney. Ask our experts for details.