Does Your Chimney Or Fireplace Need Repair? We Can Fix It Fast 

Maybe your chimney and fireplace just started having issues.

Maybe things have been headed downhill for some time — but something always skips over “chimney and fireplace repairs” to the top of the list of priorities.

We get it…

There’s the cost of keeping food in the house for your growing teenage son whom you’ve nicknamed Hoover; that outrageously expensive prom dress your daughter fell in love with; and Fido’s food isn’t cheap either.

No matter what stage of life you’re in, it’s easy for chimney and fireplace repairs to go from “#1 priority” to “some day.”

But if you suspect issues with your chimney system or you’ve spotted damage and deteriorating spots in the masonry, waiting until the “right time” can make things worse.

Every single part of your chimney and fireplace system plays an important role in terms of safety, efficiency, and functionality. And with fire and carbon monoxide poisoning being the serious hazards they are, it’s too risky to try to fire up the fireplace when damage is present.

The good news is, no matter what’s going on with your system, you can count on Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home to get to the bottom of the issue and offer an effective solution at a reasonable price. (Much more reasonable than the amount of chocolate milk your son goes through in a week…)

What types of repairs do we specialize in?

We’ll talk a little about the most commonly needed repairs, but don’t worry, no matter what’s going on with your chimney and fireplace, our experts can help.

#1 Chimney Relining

One of the most common causes of chimney and fireplace performance issues and a leading cause of chimney-related fires is a deteriorating or defective chimney liner.

This important area of the chimney does the following:

  • contains the heat and byproducts of combustion
  • prevents heat transfer and gas seepage
  • and protect sthe masonry of the chimney against acid attack

That’s a pretty rough job to have, and as you can imagine, the liner takes a beating over time.

Some signs of wear and tear include gaps between tiles and flaking, fractured flue tiles — but damage isn’t always easy to spot from where you sit in the living room. And the problem is, this type of damage renders the liner ineffective and unsafe.

A liner can also fail if it’s not the correct size or material for the appliance it’s venting.

In each scenario, the only way to restore the safety and efficiency of the fireplace system is to reline the chimney or make repairs to the existing liner. Learn all about the two best methods for doing this.

#2 Smoke Chamber Repair

The third leading cause of chimney-related fires is defective smoke chambers.

This area is just below the flue that we just talked about, and its purpose is to funnel smoke and byproducts from the fireplace into the flue.

Trouble is, if the smoke chamber is not parged smooth, its corbeled steps will create turbulence and prevent smoke from quickly moving out of the smoke chamber and up into the flue.

As a result, you may have smoke coming back into your home when you have a fire going or you may have flammable creosote building up inside your smoke chamber — creosote that could easily ignite the next time you light a fire.

To increase the safety and performance of the smoke chamber, while also insulating it to prevent heat transfer and gas seepage, we use Chamber Coat. Application is fast and results are effective and long-lasting.

#3 Masonry Repair & Tuckpointing

The masonry of your chimney isn’t just for looks — it has a higher calling: to keep the structure strong and keep rain, sleet, and snow out.

Sure, you want your chimney to look good (so do we!), but the trouble with masonry damage — like cracks, gaps in mortar joints, flaking brick, and receding mortar joints — is that every weak spot is an entry point for water.

And once water is in, it can rapidly destroy the masonry, as well as the rest of the chimney and fireplace system, and even the surrounding walls and framing.

That’s a nightmare you don’t want to live through.

That’s why it’s important to have repairs made to your masonry as soon as you notice deterioration or damage. Find out how we repair and restore damaged brick and mortar chimneys right here.

Make Sure Repairs Are Done Right The First Time — For Your Wallet & Your Sanity

There’s nothing “fun” about spending money on your chimney or fireplace, but having repairs made at the first sign of a problem can end up saving you so much money.

But one word of caution: we see so many DIY repairs and repairs made by inexperienced chimney sweeps, and 99% of the time, these make things worse.

So save yourself some money and some frustration by calling Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home and having the work done right the first time. We service many areas within Western North Carolina and when you call us out to your home, we’ll perform a thorough inspection, provide a detailed report, and let you know what the cost for repairs will be so you can budget.

Call 828-687-9002 or request an appointment online today. We’re here to help!


Leaky chimney repairs are some of the most frequent services we provide from our chimney and venting services technicians. Get it taken care of right away to avoid more damage.