Long-Lasting Leak Protection Is Possible With A Custom Chase Cover

If you spent any time on our leaky chimney repair section of the site, you know that a chase cover isn’t just an afterthought.

It plays a vital role in keeping your prefabricated or factory-built chimney free of rainwater, snow, and sleet, and it can prevent damage and premature deterioration of the entire system.

So when it’s time to replace yours, don’t spring for the cheapest option unless you’re okay with your chimney springing a leak.

No, we’re not pessimists, we’re realists!

Most covers that come stock with prefab units are made of low-quality materials and are poorly designed. That’s why you end up with rust streaks down the sides of your chimney, pooling water, sagging chase covers, and of course: chimney leaks.

But better protection and a better product is possible.

Here at Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home, we sell and install custom chase covers so you get guaranteed leak protection and decades of it.

Our chase covers are superior because of these features:

  • They’re crafted of high-quality stainless steel or copper, both of which are rust-proof and provide a lifetime of protection.
  • They’re custom-sized for your chimney and expertly installed by our team of certified professionals.
  • They have cross-breaks for added strength and sag resistance.
  • They are slightly angled on the sides to encourage moisture to run off of the chimney and onto the roof.

Some homeowners are hesitant to invest in a stainless steel or copper chase cover, but here’s the thing you need to remember: If your chase cover fails, you’ll be paying for a lot more than a new chase cover. You’ll be paying for replacement parts that are much more costly, like a new flue liner or a whole new prefabricated chimney system.

That’s why a quality chase cover is worth every penny.

Need A Custom Chase Cover? Call Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home Today

Is it time to replace your rusted out chase cover with something that will really stand the test of time? Call Wright’s Hearth, Heat & Home at 828-687-9002 or stop in and see us at our Hendersonville Rd. location in Arden. We’re here to help six days a week.


We can also provide custom chimney caps and dampers for a more efficient fireplace experience. It’s just one more of our hearth products you can count on.