Winter is the perfect time to hole up indoors, as the blustering winds, cold temperatures, and piles of snow are the perfect excuse to avoid going outside. If you want to relax inside this year but also want to make your home feel a bit cozier, you’ve come to the right place! Wright’s Hearth, Heat, & Home is located 15 minutes south of Asheville in Arden, NC and can help you create the perfect cozy space in your home this winter! Read below to learn more, then give us a call at (828) 687-9002 to learn more and schedule an appointment!

Curtains and Drapescozy home with fireplace and gray couch

Curtains and drapes help create a cozy indoor environment by properly insulating the room and regulating temperature. This means that they keep any outside air from entering while preventing indoor air from escaping. This way, all the warm air produced by your heating system stays inside and none of the cold outside air comes in uninvited! They also allow you to control the amount of sunlight in the room. Open them for a little bit of natural light, and close them when you want to relax in the dark!

Blankets and Carpets

Warming up underneath the blanket is a quintessential wintertime activity that helps make any indoor space feel cozier. Quilts, blankets, and throw pillows are just some of the many options to keep warm this winter. Not only do they help with warmth, but they can add to the room’s aesthetic! There are also weighted blankets that offer an enhanced sense of warmth and comfort during the cold winter.

Many homeowners also use carpets and rugs in their cozy space. While some rooms may already have carpeting, they can still be enhanced with a shag or area rug. If the room has wood, tile, or any harder material for floors instead, they help add an extra level of warmth that can be hard to come by during the long winter.

Warm Winter Clothing

You’ll need to get comfy before getting under your blanket, so change out of those jeans or suit and put on some comfier clothes! Comfy fleeces, pajamas, sweatpants, hoodies, hats, and many more clothing options help you feel cozy and warm indoors this winter. Winter clothes can be made of both lighter and heavier materials, so you can easily find something you prefer. Someone who is naturally warmer may opt for a lighter winter fabric such as cotton or silk while someone who is naturally colder could opt for a thicker fabric and purchase garments made of wool.

An added benefit of using curtains, drapes, blankets, comfy clothes, and other warming fabrics during the winter is a lower energy bill. With these fabrics helping you stay naturally warm and comfortable, you can afford to turn down the heat a couple of degrees. Your comfort and warmth are putting money back into your wallet! Talk about a win-win.


Indoor plants are also an excellent way to make any indoor space feel cozier. Not only that, but they also help purify the indoor air by eliminating harmful airborne allergens and bacteria. Plants such as aloe vera, peace lily, and spider plants thrive indoors during the winter! However, different types of plants require different living conditions such as lighting, soil, and water, so be sure to research beforehand.


Perfect indoor lighting helps create a very cozy ambiance, especially during the winter. If you have already installed blinds or curtains, open them up every now and then to allow in some natural light! Candles, lamps, and strown Christmas-style lights can also be used as both supplement light sources and a way to create a comfortable environment.

Hearth and Fireplace Accessories

The best way to create the perfect cozy space in your home this winter is by upgrading your hearth and fireplace system…and that’s where we come in! Wright’s Hearth, Heat, & Home has provided Arden and Asheville area homeowners with a wide range of hearth and fireplace systems for over a quarter-century! We offer fireplaces, stoves, and inserts from the industry’s top brands such as Napoleon and Regency. Many are available in wood, gas, pellet, and electric versions to meet the many different wants and needs of homeowners. Additionally, we sell accessories such as mantels and hearth pads to help your cozy indoor area go above and beyond!

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What can be comfier than relaxing by one of our fireplaces or hearth appliances with your favorite blanket and a pair of sweatpants? Wright Hearth, Heat, & Home is here to help you create your perfect indoor cozy space! For any hearth, fireplace, and chimney services or maintenance in the Asheville area, give us a call at (828) 687-9002 or schedule an appointment online today! We can’t wait to help you!