Become A VIP Without  Paying A Fee? Sounds Too Good To Be True, But It’s Not!

Call us crazy, but we think our loyal clients deserve a little preferential treatment. That doesn’t mean everyone else gets gypped on service or quality — it just means we give a little extra to our VIP-ers.

So how do you become a VIP and what are the perks, costs, etc.? Here’s everything you need to know:

What Is The VIP Program & What Are The Benefits?

The VIP Program is designed to provide you with exclusive benefits and to save you time and money. When you sign up, you are locked into the lowest rate in your area for 5 years. This protects you from any price increases that may occur over time. You’ll also enjoy the perks of emergency service. Should you need emergency service, we will be there within 24 hours at a fixed hourly rate.

Why Should I Become A VIP?

VIP members are treated with extra care and consideration. We go above and beyond for our VIP customers, making sure their systems are cleaned and prepared for the coming season. And we do this ahead of our busy season, so our VIP-ers aren’t waiting around for service.

How Do I Sign Up?

There is no sign up fee and signing up is as easy as signing a 5-year Service Agreement contract with the agreed rate for your annual service. Once you’ve signed, dated, and returned the contract, you’re good to go. All we ask in return is that you schedule your annual cleanings, inspections, and routine service during the spring and summer months.

Call Today To Get Started

Enjoy the lowest rates, preferential scheduling, and emergency service by joining our VIP Program today. Call 828-687-9002 and we’ll get you set up!


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